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Word Wednesday Fun: Antipodes

The Antipodes The Antipodes is often used by us British to describe those “kith and kinfolk” dwelling in Australia or New Zealand. I had occasion to use it today in a freelance article. It was one of those moments when the word sprang into my mind and as a precaution I checked its meaning. I was correct and it was the right word in the context that I was writing. What surprised me, and on reflection I fail to understand why I was surprised, was reading the literal meaning of the noun antipode. I was so used to hearing “the Antipodes” used to describe Australia and New Zealand that I had become impervious to any other meaning. Following the usual pattern, the Merriam-Webster definition first followed by…

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Word Wednesday Fun: Escutcheon

Escutcheon is such a great word! Escutcheon is not one of those regular humdrum boring words!  You may be tearing your hair out wondering where on earth did he find that word! Or, maybe not 🙂 It’s the name of one of the newest WordPress themes. I was taking a good look at it in readiness to launch my book page as soon as my Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover memoir is closer to publication date. However, the theme name has no bearing on either the theme itself or the way it looks! Following the usual format, the Merriam-Webster definition appears first followed by the Urban Dictionary entry. escutcheon noun es·cutch·eon \is-ˈkə-chən\ Definition Popularity: Bottom 40% of words  a defined area on which armorial bearings are displayed and which usually…


The Irish Speak English Don’t They?

I was asked the question in the title. It was in Thailand, so it was understandable. I have found on my travels in Asia that I often have to explain about the Irish, Scots, Welsh and English. Anyone who has experienced working with an Irish man or woman can attest to the fact that most have a way with words and storytelling. My varied work experiences brought me into contact with so many of them especially in my former careers as a detective and a barrister, as colleagues and clients! Irish Counsel My law practice as a barrister in England was predominantly as an advocate in criminal trials. Most of those trials culminated in final speeches. A final speech is the advocate’s last opportunity to…


“Barrister Speak”: A Guide

I shamelessly reproduce this post on a blog from a barrister finding his way through the criminal justice system in England. I thank my London lawyer friend who posted the dialog on Facebook. It deserves as wide an audience as possible. It is so “on the button” and so true. Sometimes the barrister jargon backfires on the speaker. It happened to me once in front of a senior judge at Inner London Crown Court. Whatever I said to him, and of course in “barrister speak” but I forget exactly what I said, was not fully understood by the learned judge. I was in one of those awkward spots when the client was being extremely difficult if not impossible, and I had to convey to the judge…


Zabrina’s Pinoy Banapple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Zabrina’s Pinoy Banapple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Or Pineapple and Banana Churla !!! hahahahah… Banapple? Banana and pineapple of course ! 🙂 The subtitle of this wonderful ice cream cake probably needs an explanation especially if you have no gay friends ! Churla is a wonderful word often heard used by gay people in the Philippines. It means “whatever” or is a generic word used to describe (or not) a particular thing that the speaker is struggling to find the correct word for ! Zabrina has many gay friends and the word has remained in her vocabulary to be trotted out at every opportune moment.  She even has me saying it now – much to the amusement of her Filipino friends both gay and straight…

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English Football on the TV in the Philippines

I miss English football on the TV in the Philippines. It is one of the very few things I miss about the UK. I wrote those two sentences way back in July 2015 and it is now July 2017 as I write this. I have some great news for all you fans of English football. Just so as not to confuse you I will place a horizontal line under these fresh ideas on how to watch Premier League football here in the Philippines.  So anything under the line is the original article – got it? I did write down below I had no idea if IPTV is legal. It is! I write about it in a recent post here and if you click here on…

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