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God is Female

I apologize for the original post of ‘God is female’ for not appearing here. It was my fault. I accidentally deleted my WordPress database in my SiteGround web hosting cPanel. Fortunately, through live chat, I was able to restore one of my automatic back-ups. It was today’s version but backed up before I published today’s post 🙁 I will rewrite it and post again soon. Here we go (April 1st) and I will try to reproduce my original post as closely as possible. The original article that prompted this post is reproduced at the end. It comes as no surprise to me that Fr. O’ Neal reported about a ‘Mother God.’ Many people who experienced a Christian upbringing come to think of God as a male, dressed in flowing…


Dear Lord Don’t Let Me Die Today

In case you are wondering about the title it is a sincere prayer to the Lord. I have what is known as faith and I believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ. I try to abide by Christian values and often fail to do so. I still try though. I believe in the loving nature of Jesus and his teachings – not for me all that fundamental Old Testament stuff. Fundamentalism is the root of so many evils in our world today. I have faith for many reasons. I can sense a spiritual well being in my soul when I reflect inwardly. I feel an inner peace. I was also inspired to faith by people I have known and still know. My grandmother was…

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