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Piaya vs. Eccles Cake – Bun Fight!

Piaya [pee-i-ah] is a Negrense delicacy and one of the many things I love about living in this part of the Philippines. It is a specialty of Bacolod in Negros Occidental. That makes sense as Negros Island is known as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines. I am equally as fond of Eccles Cake, a delicacy originating in my native Lancashire, England. What is Piaya? Piaya is a muscovado-filled unleavened flatbread from the Philippines especially common in Negros Occidental where it originated.  It is made by filling dough with a mixture of muscovado and glucose syrup. The filled dough is then flattened with a rolling pin, sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked on a griddle It is delicious and ideal with coffee. I often eat it…


Cool Breezes

Some days I am really ready for a change of scenery. The last few days, nay weeks, have been long days writing. Writing my paid assignments, writing for my blog here (unfortunately I don’t pay myself) and writing and planning two books that are at various stages of development. Fortunately I don’t seem to suffer from writers’ block! That’s probably because I spend more time thinking and listening than talking so my real ‘talking’ is through the written word. Zabrina recognized I was tired after a few weeks non-stop at the keyboard. She was right – I did need a break but I didn’t want to venture too far.  My favorite beach in Negros Island is Sugar Beach, Sipalay but that was a good 3 –…


Hey Carol – Forgot the Sunday Roast?

My  blogging buddy Carol of Writeful Mind very recently wrote about the things she most missed about the UK.  She is a prolific writer, a Mom to two kids and a life coach to boot! Although a native of Nawlins (New Orleans) she lived for some years in the UK. After she had posted her list of things she missed most about the UK she kindly invited me to chuck in my two bob’s worth. You can read her full list by following the link above. I agree with every single one of them. When I added my initial comment on Carol’s blog I suddenly realized I had forgotten one important thing. I hastened back and added a postscript to the effect that I missed the NHS.…


Zabrina’s Pinoy Banapple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Zabrina’s Pinoy Banapple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Or Pineapple and Banana Churla !!! hahahahah… Banapple? Banana and pineapple of course ! 🙂 The subtitle of this wonderful ice cream cake probably needs an explanation especially if you have no gay friends ! Churla is a wonderful word often heard used by gay people in the Philippines. It means “whatever” or is a generic word used to describe (or not) a particular thing that the speaker is struggling to find the correct word for ! Zabrina has many gay friends and the word has remained in her vocabulary to be trotted out at every opportune moment.  She even has me saying it now – much to the amusement of her Filipino friends both gay and straight…

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Zabrina’s Pinoy Crema De Fruta Dessert

Zabrina’s Pinoy Crema De Fruta Dessert Yet another simple to make but delicious Filipino dessert from Zabrina. All these recipes are inspired by her childhood days in Canetown, Victorias, Negros Island when Papa would make these desserts to thrill the kids. As a British expat here in the Philippines Zabrina’s desserts certainly thrill me and our kids and family. Papa must look down from Heaven and smile! Ingredients For at least 15 servings 1 large can (550 g) fruit cocktail 2 packs (200 g) Graham Crackers (British Digestive Biscuits) 2 packs whipping cream or all purpose cream 1 can (300 ml) condensed milk 1 pouch unflavored gelatin powder (optional) Method Drain the can of fruit cocktail and reserve the juice Pour the heavy whipping cream…

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The Best Scrambled Eggs in the World

“These are the best scrambled eggs in the world” Source: Let Ian McKellen Teach You How to Make Scrambled Eggs | TIME Sorry Sir Ian I beg to differ! The best scrambled eggs in the world are in fact made by me! Let me tell you I come from a long line of culinary geniuses. My mother and grandmother were two ordinary Lancashire lasses who made some of the best home made food ever known to mankind. They could bake bread and cakes as well as serve up a dish from simple ingredients that was fit for a king. My mouth salivates now thinking of their Lancashire hotpots. My brother inherited the cooking genes. He was Executive Chef at the Royal Bank of Canada in…

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Here’s How McDonald’s Makes Its French Fries

Potatoes, maybe? Source: Here’s How McDonald’s Makes Its French Fries | TIME How I Make Mine 🙂 This article is an interesting insight into how McDonald’s makes its french fries. And yes, they really are made from potatoes! Botsy, our pet name for our 4 year old boy, loves fries.  I really must make him some homemade fries just like I used to make back in the UK. Here is how I used to do them: Take one Maris Piper variety potato, the best variety for fries – or chips as we call them in the UK, and peel it. Now I like chunky fries,  so cut the peeled potato into chunky size portions. Give them a good wash in clean water then pop your…

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