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Tag: How To Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod

Car Dashcams and Idiot Drivers

Car dashcams are a real answer to the problems caused by idiot drivers. That applies whether it is here in Bacolod or anywhere in the world. Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time will know I have had plenty to say about idiot drivers in Bacolod. I even wrote a book about it 🙂 So why should you consider the installation of  a car dashcam? This is what one review site had to say: A dash cam can protect your finances, your time, and your personal property in a number of ways: It can scare off dishonest people who try to take advantage of you; it can provide evidence that’s far more reliable than eyewitness testimony; it can accelerate…


Why This Blog Is Called Expat In Bacolod

Expat in Bacolod is the name of this blog and this is a slightly tongue in cheek post. Some of you, not many, have commented that it’s not all about Bacolod and the Philippines. Correct! It’s about an expat in Bacolod, me, and I happen to be a writer these days hence the sub-title under the title of the blog. I would dearly love to write every single post about Bacolod as it’s a wonderful place with wonderful people (the City of Smiles) and it’s the principal city of a beautiful island, Negros Island. I have said it before and here goes again, I love it here. But look, I can’t write every single day about Bacolod because it’s where I now live. It’s an…


Follow, Follow, Follow Me On Gumroad

You are able to now follow me on Gumroad – if that’s what tickles your fancy 🙂 Follow me there by submitting your email address in the box below. It could be worth your while. For example, my new book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story will be made available both on Amazon Kindle and Gumroad. The beauty of Gumroad for both you, the customer, and me as a self-published author is that I can set discounts in Gumroad. I can’t do that in Kindle unless I sign an exclusivity deal with Amazon. I don’t want to do that as it restricts my book sales to the Amazon platform only. By following me on Gumroad you will be able to take advantage of offers…

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Dumaguete Road Trip, Philippines

Zabrina and I recently took a road trip to Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, Philippines. I have previously written a lot about my driving experiences here. I was even inspired to write a book about those experiences,  How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod. The book is available on Amazon for those of you who are fans of Kindle. It is available for download here in both PDF and ePub formats – [purchase_link id=”2499″ style=”button” color=”green” text=”PDF version” direct=”true”]   [purchase_link id=”2517″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”ePub version” direct=”true”] Please see the foot of this post to read the latest review of the book on Amazon. We enjoyed Dumaguete enormously. It reminds me of certain seaside towns in England with its boulevard. The ornate street lights all…

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3 Good Reasons To Buy My Books Here

There are 3 good reasons why you should consider buying my books here through this site. My first book How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod is available for download in both PDF and ePub formats. See my eBook Store page for a guide to both formats. Both are eBooks and capable of being read on all devices whether they be computers, smartphones or tablets as long as you have the reader installed. The readers are free. As I am an independent author and self-publisher (indie) you may not be surprised to learn that a lot of time and effort goes into writing and producing a book. All of that, and running two websites costs money! The two websites are this blog and my author website. 3…

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How to Overtake a Truck Safely on a Philippines Highway

Zabrina got busy with the video camera earlier today on our drive back to Bacolod from Dumaguete. This clip was shot between Mabinay and Kabankalan on Negros Island, Philippines. In my book, How to Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod (available for $4.99 on Amazon), I give my credentials as an expert driver. I was a UK police trained driver and was also an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) instructor both on rigid and articulated trucks. If you are American, you will know an articulated truck as a semi. As part of the police driving instruction, every driver is assessed on his/her running commentary. The running commentary tells the instructor exactly what the driver is seeing and doing and how they react to the road conditions. I…

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240 Pesos Too Much To Save a Life?

240 Pesos is worth about USD $5 240 Pesos,or to be exact 239.99, is how much my book How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod is selling for. It is $4.99 on The world is full of eBooks. Many are priced at $0.99 or are free. Some are priced at $8.99 and more.  The book world is saturated with eBooks. I offer two free eBooks of my own but there is good reason for that. [You can find details of them here on this blog and you can find the other on my author website.] Both eBooks were never written for publication. They are promotional gifts to thank subscribers to this blog and/or my author website. The eBook world may be saturated but it is also full…

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