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King of the Road In Bacolod

‘King of the Road’ was a huge hit for singer Roger Miller in the 1960’s.  It had nothing to do with driving a car, parking it, Bacolod or the Philippines. I use that title because it sums up the attitude of way too many car owners in Bacolod. They think they own the road. They believe they can do just as they damn well please and to hell with any other road user. Some of you who have followed me since 2015 will know this is a familiar refrain from me. I even wrote a book about it. This is a great cue to remind you of that book and a cool new Amazon feature. Let me show you first: Wow! How cool is that!…

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3 Good Reasons To Buy My Books Here

There are 3 good reasons why you should consider buying my books here through this site. My first book How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod is available for download in both PDF and ePub formats. See my eBook Store page for a guide to both formats. Both are eBooks and capable of being read on all devices whether they be computers, smartphones or tablets as long as you have the reader installed. The readers are free. As I am an independent author and self-publisher (indie) you may not be surprised to learn that a lot of time and effort goes into writing and producing a book. All of that, and running two websites costs money! The two websites are this blog and my author website. 3…

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How to Create an Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Page An Amazon Author Page believe it or not is for authors of books that are listed on Amazon 🙂 I’m celebrating because my first book How To Drive Like An idiot In Bacolod is now available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99. Yay! Yay! 🙂 I am sure you will all buy it. Click below and it will take you to my book on Amazon where you can purchase it. Here is a closer look at the book cover – And here is a link to my Page. I would ask that you please leave a review of the book in the event you do buy it. Reviews are vitally important in the world of publishing and I would truly appreciate you leaving a…

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