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Lightning Strikes Twice: FavFotoFriday

Back to lightning! It has been a theme of mine this week after I witnessed the spectacular reds and oranges of the distant heat lightning here in the Philippines. So, that proves lightning strikes twice 🙂 Let’s see what there is on the National Geographic website. Follow me! Streaking from a sky as red as the earth, lightning strikes the famous dome-shaped, sandstone monolith Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia. “I had heard a lot about how beautiful Uluru should look when it rains,” writes Christoph Schaarschmidt, who captured this image. “But I never believed that I would see it with my own eyes because the Red Centre of Australia is a very arid area.” Both of the above…

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Heat Lightning in the Philippines

I had never heard of heat lightning before yesterday. Indeed, I had never witnessed the phenomenon before. It’s a beautiful sight.  I Googled it but most of the camera shots don’t really portray what I saw. This is similar to what I saw. Even that great photo doesn’t do justice to what I saw. The flashes lasted for about 20 minutes. I was so mesmerized that I overlooked to grab my phone or the camera to record the event. No doubt there is a TV program somewhere that shows heat lightning in all its glory. Here is another photo I found: When it was all over I posted this on Facebook to ask a friend, a meteorological expert, about it. I have just seen a…

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Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Or The Lightning? It was close today! The lightning strike. Watch that YouTube video. Just the first strike. Listen carefully. Can you hear a searing noise? I can. Now I’m no stranger to thunderstorms. But thunderstorms here in the Philippines are something else. I was taking my early afternoon nap when I heard the heavy rain start. Raindrops the size of saucers. Then I heard the searing sizzling noise and saw the brilliant white flash. Boy, that strike was close! The thunder clap was simultaneous to the sizzling noise. It shook the aluminum windows of the house. You know what? Our two young boys slept through it 🙂 The humidity has been intense here lately. It’s funny how I’ve got used to it. I hardly sweat now.…

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