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In My Life I Loved You More

I was going to write that Sean Connery’s spoken version of this beautiful and poignant song was in my humble opinion a better rendition than the Beatles (sacrilege!).  Then I found this on  You Tube but promise me you will watch and listen  before you read the lyrics of this Beatles song. The clip cleverly uses a juxtaposition of Sean Connery’s perfect narration with the Beatles original release of the track. It was used as the final closing moments to Sky Sports coverage of one of the most memorable football matches that has ever taken place. It was an emotional roller coaster of an evening that 2005 night in Istanbul when Liverpool won the European Cup for the fifth time setting a British record and one that…


Angry Facebook User

I have no idea why this has popped up on my page! I’d rather boil my head in a bucket of swine flu! This was a comment posted on my Facebook page by an angry Facebook user – an English guy.  I have called him Mr. Blogg so as not to identify him by name. I think it is amusing so I replied – Thank you Mr. Blogg but please don’t do that. Sounds rather painful! His comment was  in response to my post titled Liverpool Football Club that was published both here and on my Facebook Page as well as other social media sites. This ‘Boil my head in a bucket of swine flu” comment is both graphic and nonsensical. It may also be indicative of…


Liverpool Football Club

It was this piece on the BBC web site that inspired me to write about my team – Liverpool Football Club. The article titled Doctor Who, JFK & Beatlemania – West Ham’s last win at Anfield was scant consolation that we, Liverpool fans always refer to the team as ‘we’, had been soundly beaten at home 3 – 0 by West Ham. But it reminded me of the halcyon days at Anfield back in the 60s and 70s. The home ground of LFC is known as Anfield. During the reign of Shankly then Bob Paisley, it became known as Fortress Anfield such was the tremendous win rate at home. The last time West Ham had won at Anfield prior to last weekend was September 1963! The Spion Kop, Anfield’s…

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Basketball Versus Football in the Philippines

Basketball versus Football in the Philippines: No Contest? The American influence is omnipresent in the Philippines. Not surprising given the archipelago’s history. My brief today is to chat about sport. In particular my love of football – the kind you play with a round ball – you know the one Americans call soccer (sawwker) – only teasing. Basketball is the king here in the Philippines. Everyone has their favorite team and often wear basketball shirts and shorts. I love basketball too. In fact I played a lot when I was in college. I loved the silky feel to the uniform and the fact all the girls used to turn out to watch us play! But hey I’m 6’3” so a natural fit for the game.…

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