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Red or Blue? Confession Time

Red and Blue – Only Colors Right? Red or Blue? What does it mean to you? Those two colors mean a lot to me. I got to thinking about the color blue earlier today, and it set my train of thought rushing along the tracks, whistle-a-blowing, steam wildly escaping and pistons clanging. The confession is nothing to do with the “blues” or depression. I have suffered bouts of that affliction in my life and believe I have finally vanquished the black dog. The “fessing” up is to do with my football team, Liverpool Football Club.  They play in red. Bill Shankly made them play in an all red strip in the belief it made the players look bigger and stronger. Our city neighbors, Everton, play in blue. Royal…


FavFotoFriday: Snow in Canada

Snow in Canada The latest in the #FavFotoFriday series, and I decided to look outside of my Flickr collection for today’s topic – Snow in Canada. The main reason no Canadian photos are ion my Flickr albums is that back then I didn’t have my dependable Canon camera and lenses. Why this sub-title? I used to visit Toronto frequently when my brother was alive and living there. The trips I made were often in the winter. As I’m sure you know, winters can be cold and harsh in Canada. I recall flying out to YYZ on a British Airways flight, Toronto-bound but then it was flying on to Chicago. On the approach to Lester Pearson airport, the British pilot announced in that typical calming voice, that it…


My True Undercover Detective Book is One Step Closer

To Being Completed …… Three cheers and a huge hip hurrah for my sister! She arrived in the Philippines last week suitcase full of my important stuff I had left behind in England. The Holy Bible that Dad bought for us all when we were kids. It must have cost a fortune then back in the day and boy! It’s heavy! Five kilograms in weight! I love that Book, not just because of the Scriptures, but also because it is replete with prints of famous Rembrandts and Reubens paintings depicting Biblical scenes. As you are aware, from my newsletter, I have a “forthcoming book” in the pipeline. It is my story. A true story of a remarkable part of my life as an undercover detective…

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In My Life I Loved You More

I was going to write that Sean Connery’s spoken version of this beautiful and poignant song was in my humble opinion a better rendition than the Beatles (sacrilege!).  Then I found this on  You Tube but promise me you will watch and listen  before you read the lyrics of this Beatles song. The clip cleverly uses a juxtaposition of Sean Connery’s perfect narration with the Beatles original release of the track. It was used as the final closing moments to Sky Sports coverage of one of the most memorable football matches that has ever taken place. It was an emotional roller coaster of an evening that 2005 night in Istanbul when Liverpool won the European Cup for the fifth time setting a British record and one that…


Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire Part 2

Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire Part 2 The title of this piece deliberately includes the word “images.” Images conjure up wonderful memories for me of Accrington. Primarily those images are inside my head. I assist you the reader by showing some of them in celluloid or at least its digital equivalent. Since writing the first part I have asked myself this question – “why exactly do you have strikingly fond memories of your younger days there?” The best and most truthful answer I can give is that I found out who the real me is there. I was a quiet shy kid but was given metaphorical wings to enable me to fly by most of my close family in Accy. I include my saintly grandmother who I…

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