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Mither (Word Wednesday) – Number 1 Awesome Brit Word

The usual starting point of Merriam-Webster has let me down this week. It has an entry for ‘mither’ but bangs on about it being Scottish for mother or something like that. Wrong! So that means we go to a new source – the Oxford Dictionaries, another American English online resource. And it is spot on: Definition of mither in English: mither Pronunciation: /ˈmʌɪðə/ Entry from British & World English dictionary VERB dialect, chiefly Northern English 1 Make a fuss; moan: oh men—don’t they mither? 1.1 Pester or irritate (someone): More example sentences the pile of bills would mither her whenever she felt good What I cannot deal with is mithering colleagues who constantly bombard you with their insane comments or ways of working. He’s like…

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