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Parkour and B-boying: Word Wednesday

Two words today as I just could not resist looking up parkour and B-boying after yesterday’s wonderful article by NicNac.  I was a tad surprised to find any entries at all but here they are: Merriam-Webster has this to say about parkour: parkour noun par·kour \pär-ˈku̇r, ˈpär-ˌku̇r\ Popularity: Bottom 30% of words Definition  : the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing, or leaping rapidly and efficiently Origin and Etymology of parkour French, alteration of parcours course, route, from Medieval Latin percursus, from Latin percurrere to run through, from per- + currere to run First Known Use: 2002 So now you know! Good old M-W says this about B-boying: B–boying noun B–boy·ing \ˈbē-¦bȯi-iŋ\ Popularity: Bottom 10% of words Definition of B–boying : break dancing…

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Introduction to Bboying and Parkour

 Bboying and Parkour No it’s not Word Wednesday but I bet for most of you bboying and parkour are two strange words. Want to know more? Here is my friend NicNac to explain all. First though let me remind you about NicNac. He is a local young man and lives right here in Bacolod City. He contacted me some time ago expressing his love of writing and I encouraged him to send me something he had written. Click right here to read his work. In the past few days he wrote to me again and asked for some help with his writing. My advice was the same as before – write and write some more. So he sent me the following: Bboying and Parkour are…

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