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Pre-Order Now on Amazon UK and Amazon US

I am delighted to inform you that Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is now available for pre-order. The proposed publication date is September 14, 2016. This post first appeared on the Stephen Bentley – Author website. Now Available for Pre-Order at both and UK Amazon Customers Follow this link to go to the UK store. My true crime memoir Undercover Operation Julie – The Inside Story can now be ordered for delivery following the scheduled publication date of September 14, 2016. And don’t forget it’s Amazon Prime day on July 12th. Some great deals will be on offer. Make sure you get your copy of my book  by ordering now.  This is the back cover ‘blurb’ – The drugs underworld knew…

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Undercover Cops Forbidden to Use Drugs!

I know a thing or two about undercover cops. The story ‘Undercover police rulebook to be published for the first time’ was published today on the BBC website. I read it with interest. As regular readers, you will be aware of the impending publication of my own book – Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. I found that the guidelines had been devised by the College of Policing. It was known as the Bramshill Police College in my day. That worried me. From my own experiences, I find that these people are academics. There is a place for academics but it’s not out on the street infiltrating one of the largest (at the time) drugs gangs in the world. What particularly worried me after…


The Male Olivia Pope

The Male Olivia Pope Olivia Pope is the name of the leading character from the TV show  ‘Scandal.’ Pope is played by Kerry Washington and leads her own firm of crisis management consultants.   Embed from Getty Images   It is set In Washington DC and so the plot lines revolve around scandals and politicians. I found it enjoyable and in many ways it reminded me of the duplicity and shenanigans that I experienced in my undercover days. The “male” in the title of this post is a reference to a guy called Obie Chambers. He now heads up a company called The Exigency Group. This group operates in DC, Charlotte, Boston and New York and specializes in … wait for it … crisis management, strategic communications and public…


Why Lemmy is Right (and Adam)

Lemmy AKA Ian Fraser Kilminster was the founder of Motorhead. Sadly, he died on December 28, 2015, 4 days after his 70th birthday. This post is neither homage to him or his music or Motorhead, although I like all three. The reason for the post is inspired by a very thoughtful email I received from Adam.  Adam follows my blog and often leaves comments on my posts. He can be found at his excellent The Retrospective Reel, a blog about film in the digital age. [Note: I am not in the habit of disclosing the content of personal emails. I was so struck by Adam’s observations that I asked his permission to use the edited version of his email. He told me to use it as I wished.} In…

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What is it like to work undercover?

Undercover Work? – What’s it Like? As an undercover veteran, I was intrigued by this question when I spotted it in a  Quora forum. I was even more intrigued by the first of the answers. That answer is reproduced in full below. It is written by  Tim Dees, a criminal justice technology writer and consultant. His Quora profile adds that he is a retired police officer and criminal justice college professor, now writing on applications of technology in law enforcement and corrections. Dees is therefore an academic now and a popular one at that! His answers on Quora have exceeded 500k in the past 30 days! He is a retired cop from Reno. A lot of what he says below is correct, but I do take issue with…

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Undercover Cop – What Would You Do Next?

Try Your Hand at Being an Undercover Cop As an undercover cop what would you do given the following situation? It happened to me in real life and the detail of the encounter will be revealed in full in my forthcoming book.  The chapter will also reveal just what happened and the results. I’ll give you a clue – think out of the box! Undercover cop  police work is dangerous, no more so than when you have infiltrated, like me, close to the top echelons of a major drugs cartel. Possibly one of the largest gangs that ever existed, and the work I did certainly helped result in  one of the largest seizures of drugs by any law enforcement agency anywhere in the world! Here is…


My True Undercover Detective Book is One Step Closer

To Being Completed …… Three cheers and a huge hip hurrah for my sister! She arrived in the Philippines last week suitcase full of my important stuff I had left behind in England. The Holy Bible that Dad bought for us all when we were kids. It must have cost a fortune then back in the day and boy! It’s heavy! Five kilograms in weight! I love that Book, not just because of the Scriptures, but also because it is replete with prints of famous Rembrandts and Reubens paintings depicting Biblical scenes. As you are aware, from my newsletter, I have a “forthcoming book” in the pipeline. It is my story. A true story of a remarkable part of my life as an undercover detective…

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