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Over and Under the Weather

Perhaps it’s because I am a Brit, that’s why I seem to write a lot about the weather here in the Philippines. We British have a reputation of constantly talking about the weather. The subject crops up once more but in the form of being “under the weather.” I have succumbed to a local virus that seems to have affected so many people of all ages. It took the form of a rotten head cold then a chesty cough accompanied by the sweats and aching limbs. It is one of the reasons why I have been quiet lately … quiet in the corner … I can hear you whispering “thank goodness”! Yet it is good to know the Brits are not alone in talking about…


Heat Lightning in the Philippines

I had never heard of heat lightning before yesterday. Indeed, I had never witnessed the phenomenon before. It’s a beautiful sight.  I Googled it but most of the camera shots don’t really portray what I saw. This is similar to what I saw. Even that great photo doesn’t do justice to what I saw. The flashes lasted for about 20 minutes. I was so mesmerized that I overlooked to grab my phone or the camera to record the event. No doubt there is a TV program somewhere that shows heat lightning in all its glory. Here is another photo I found: When it was all over I posted this on Facebook to ask a friend, a meteorological expert, about it. I have just seen a…

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