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Puddled: Word Wednesday

A dip into British slang today. The word puddled is one I haven’t heard in a long time but was brought to my notice by Tony Bushell and his excellent anorthernsoulweb blog. As fellow northerners (North of England), Tony and I heard this said so many times during our formative years. So, for today I need to take you to a new source and that is Adj. 1. Confused. See ‘puddle’. 2. Eccentric, insane. And puddle? Noun. A mess, a confused state. E.g.”Sorry, I’ve been in a bit of puddle since the party. I drank far too much.” You can follow how it was used back in the UK. Usually in reacting to a statement that you disagreed with as in, “You’re puddled!” Some…

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