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Jingoism By Jingo!

Hard times, tough times do foster a wonderful feeling of resilience in people.  War time is possibly a good example of that. I mean war as in WW2,  not the futile war fought in the Falklands at the whim of a whiskey-dependent mad woman in charge of the UK at the time. That was jingoism at its worst. Jingoism in its  modern-day form (aka racism) was also seen in the UK before and since Brexit. The sense of resilient feel-good -pull-together-because-we -are -all- in -the- shit feeling was possibly last experienced en-masse during the heavy bombing of the UKs major cities and dockyards during WW2. I guess it was also felt to a degree in the aftermath of some terrorist attacks in London. I lived…

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Prophecy: GB is now RB

Prophecy is a prompt from the people at the Daily Post at WordPress. com. I don’t usually need a prompt of any kind to write a blog post. Today is different. I feel like making a prophecy of doom and gloom. Why? I am deeply concerned about the result of the Brexit vote. Prophecy # 1 I prophecy that no good will come out of it and all will end in tears. I fear for the United Kingdom and its future. I really do. My first reaction to the vote to leave the EU was one of “Oh! No,” That was a tad selfish I admit. The good old British Pound had tumbled in value. End result – I have less pesos, and any other currency…

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