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How to Earn Money Online in Retirement or at Any Time of Life

Oh Boy! The internet is chock full of ideas on how to earn money online. I say “Oh Boy” because it can become so  time-consuming keeping track of this or that idea to  earn ‘smart passive income’ (SPI) or make a million bucks through blogging! My article in an expat retirement magazine was on the subject of how to supplement your income in retirement. Like many expats living in a foreign country, there is a double need to supplement pension income in retirement. First, it helps to enjoy a few “extras” in life, but more importantly, it keeps the grey matter from clogging up. I am not in the category of either wishing to earn mega bucks or believing that it is easy. Especially, if you are seeking to…


Moving to the Philippines – What to Pack?

What to bring with you when moving to the Philippines? The answer to this question when moving to the Philippines in my case was relatively simple. Just myself! Yes, I had a small suitcase packed with bare essentials such as hot weather clothing. I also had my laptop but very little else when my plane touched down at NAIA, Manila. For the previous three years or so I had lived out of a suitcase for most of that time. It came with me to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia. Then back to England once more. I had divested myself of many worldly goods as a result of a divorce. True, I would have liked to have kept hold of many of those goods like my bicycle, power tools,…

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Dear Lord Don’t Let Me Die Today

In case you are wondering about the title it is a sincere prayer to the Lord. I have what is known as faith and I believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ. I try to abide by Christian values and often fail to do so. I still try though. I believe in the loving nature of Jesus and his teachings – not for me all that fundamental Old Testament stuff. Fundamentalism is the root of so many evils in our world today. I have faith for many reasons. I can sense a spiritual well being in my soul when I reflect inwardly. I feel an inner peace. I was also inspired to faith by people I have known and still know. My grandmother was…

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Social Media

Why do I blog? That is a very good question. I recently wrote that in my post Why Blog? Blogging 201. As I wrote in that post primarily I enjoy writing. A pleasant side effect is that it brings in some extra money to supplement my retirement income. Let me make that clear – this blog does not earn me one cent. My paid writing is commissioned for someone else’s web site and for reasons of confidentiality I am unable to reveal which site or even what genre it covers. Suffice to say it combines my writing skills with my investigative skills gained in a ‘previous life’. If that intrigues you then read my bio. I also mentioned I blog to try and drive  internet traffic towards…


Why Blog? Blogging 201

Blogging 201 – Day 1 – Task: Set 3 Goals Why do I blog? That is a very good question. It wasn’t  until I found Blogging 201 in WordPress somewhere that I even began to formulate my thoughts on the answer – never mind the question!  Well here goes – In my retirement I needed something to do. I didn’t just want to sit on the beautiful Philippines beaches  all day and every day and vegetate! Or drink too much cold beer! I have lead a varied, and dare I say, interesting life. You must have experienced people saying to you, ” write it down, it’ll make a good book”. Well I did hear it and I heard it many times. So the first step…

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Noise in the Philippines

If you have a plan to retire to the Philippines then it makes sense to research your destination as much as possible. Noise in the Philippines is probably a subject that has never occurred to you. As a citizen of say the UK, USA or indeed Canada or Australia you have lived your working life in countries that have strict laws regulating noise levels. If you have a low tolerance towards noise then you may wish to reconsider your plans. Noise in the Philippines is never far away. Some of it is annoying, some pleasant and some is actually soothing – well to me anyway! Here are some points to think about. The neighbourhood If like most expats you decide to rent when you first arrive…

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