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Red White & Blue

‘Red White & Blue’ is one more short story by G and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Like me, G has retired to the Philippines and spends at least part of his time writing. I appreciate that he permits me to publish his stories here first. Not only are these stories worthy of reading but they also serve two other purposes. One, they give you the reader something different to read – a different voice to listen to. Second, they give me a breather. The Philippines has a tradition of ghost stories and tales of the supernatural. Filipinos have a word for these supernatural creatures – aswang. An Aswang (or Asuwang) is a shapeshifting monster usually possessing a combination of the traits of either…

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Nose Bleed Nose Bleed

Nose Bleed ‘Nose bleed’ is an expression you soon hear as an expat when mixing with Filipino friends or the family of your spouse or girlfriend. Many of your Filipino acquaintances will make an effort to speak in English with you, assuming you as the foreigner, are from an English speaking nation. However, don’t be at all surprised after thirty minutes or so they revert to speaking in their regional or national tongue. Occasionally, the odd Filipino will make zero effort to speak in English in your company. I noticed this within a few short weeks of arriving on the shores of the archipelago. Every time I was socializing surrounded by Filipinos all would speak in English for a time before reverting to Ilonggo; the…


Banking in the Philippines

Money Money Money! You have now made your move and decided to relocate to the Philippines. You will obviously want to have easy access to your money which is almost certainly paid into your bank back home. To do that, you will want to open a bank account here in the Philippines. Which bank should you choose here? A large, reputable bank is preferable. All the major banks here all have slightly different rules and processes to open that bank account. There are many types of bank accounts including foreign currency deposit accounts. It falls outside of my expertise to advise you on which type of account you need so I suggest you research that and seek professional advice. Opening an Account in the Philippines…


Dirty Kitchen Dirty Ice Cream

Dirty Kitchen! Is that Where you Eat Dirty Ice Cream? Any foreigner new to the Philippines whether tourist or not will soon hear the terms ‘dirty kitchen’ and ‘dirty ice cream.’ It was during my house hunting that I first heard ‘dirty kitchen.’ I was genuinely puzzled. The words were uttered with pride and an inner satisfaction which added to my puzzlement. How on earth could someone be proud of a ‘dirty kitchen’? It conjured up images of cockroaches and rat infestation in my western head. Thank goodness I could not have been any further wide of the mark. A ‘dirty kitchen’ is such a great idea. It is practical too. I’m sure its origins lie in the days when all cooking was done on…

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