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Shenanigan – WordWednesdayFun

Shenanigan is often used in its plural form – shenanigans. I associate it with the Irish. I can hear an Irish voice in my head saying,  “Be off wit yous. Enuff of yer shenanigans!” The voice rings out chastising some noisy street urchins. The origins of the word appear to be uncertain. I still believe it is Irish in origin. But more of that later. First the Merriam-Webster definition – noun she·nan·i·gan \shə-ˈna-ni-gən\ Popularity: Top 10% of words Definition of shenanigan 1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose 2 a : tricky or questionable practices or conduct —usually used in plural b : high-spirited or mischievous activity —usually used in plural Examples of shenanigan in a sentence <students engaging in youthful shenanigans on…

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