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Next! Short Story By ‘G’

Yet another short story by ‘G.’ I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The Philippines has talent! “Next!” The person next to me nudges me, “That’s you.” “Sorry, not thinking too clearly.” Friendly hands guide me along to the voice. One of them tells me to take a seat, that I should answer the questions as quickly as possible, because there was a major accident on I-75 and things are backed up. “Mr. Ted Jacob Anderson?” comes through an intercom. “Yes, sir” “Mr. Anderson, this is Michael. I’ll be processing you. Did you get your photo ID at the gates?” “What gates?” “The ones you passed through at 09:19 hundred hours.” I feel for my watch; it’s not there. “I don’t remember…


Two Old Dears By G (For Monty Python Fans)

In case you haven’t noticed Brits are famous for a certain kind of humour [British spelling] … err … okay, off the wall stuff. Our regular contributor, G, sent in this story about Two Old Dears. It’s in screenplay format as G sent it. He used to write screenplays and has had some of them accepted in the past. One of the other thing you need to know about G is that even if he is an American he totally digs the Brit sense of humour, having lived in the UK. I could not resist the photo of the “dead budgie.” It’s so “dead parrot” from one of Monty Python’s funniest sketches. Embed from Getty Images FADE IN EXT SIDEWALK CAFE – DAY An OLD…


Human Error

G is my second guest in what I hope is to become a future series of guest posts.  Meeting G in the ‘virtual world’ has inspired me to host a Writers’ Showcase right here. Enjoy G’s story, I know I did. – Stephen Bentley Human Error “Shit!” Jeremy Clark throws his hands up from his laptop. “Oh, you crashed! So, sorrrry.” “It’s okay, my fault, I was in too much of hurry, CeCe.” “Human error.” “Correct.” “Jeremy, you been at it a long time, stop, take a hot shower. I’ll run water and sing for you.” “Very tempting, but I’ve got to find any glitches.” “Difficult to do when tired.” Jeremy, smiles, and says, “You always know how to take care of me.” “Of course gwapo…

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