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Skive: WordWednesdayFun

Hi, yet another “sk” word. I love ’em and this one is skive. Have you noticed how many of these words beginning with ‘sk’ are Nordic in origin? Skiving was a word often used back home in England. “What you up you? Skiving?” was more an accusation than a question. But in my youth in Liverpool it was ‘sag’ or ‘sagging’ that was used in place of skive/skiving. “Youse sagging skewl today?” was an oft heard question in my youth especially if the Beatles were doing a lunch time gig at the Cavern! Here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say – transitive verb \ˈskīv\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Simple Definition : to avoid school or work by staying away or by leaving without permission Full…

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