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Super Bowl L Super Bowl 50: Bizarre Facts

Super Bowl L Yes, you are correct, Super Bowl looks weird with the suffix Roman numeral L. I guess that’s a good enough reason for the organizers to rename it Super Bowl 50. You have to hand it to the NFL, they know how to organize a showpiece event. This year’s Super Bowl 50 will be watched by millions over the globe and at the same time rake in $ millions. An extravaganza like this doesn’t attract that many viewers if the product sucks. The product is the game itself. This is where I make full disclosure – as a Brit, I’m no expert on the game. I’m a football man, that’s soccer to you. I have watched NFL on TV back in Britain and…


Basketball Versus Football in the Philippines

Basketball versus Football in the Philippines: No Contest? The American influence is omnipresent in the Philippines. Not surprising given the archipelago’s history. My brief today is to chat about sport. In particular my love of football – the kind you play with a round ball – you know the one Americans call soccer (sawwker) – only teasing. Basketball is the king here in the Philippines. Everyone has their favorite team and often wear basketball shirts and shorts. I love basketball too. In fact I played a lot when I was in college. I loved the silky feel to the uniform and the fact all the girls used to turn out to watch us play! But hey I’m 6’3” so a natural fit for the game.…

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