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Good Cop Bad War: Book Review

Good Cop Bad War is co-written by a former British undercover cop, Neil Woods with JS Rafaeli.  Of course I was keen to read it in light of my own book about my undercover cop days due for publication next Wednesday, September 14, 2016. You can find Good Cop Bad War listed here on Amazon. I must confess that the book initially irritated me for reasons which become clear in my review below. Gradually the main message of Woods seeped into my head and I did my research. I now agree that the UK should follow Portugal’s ground-breaking example in decriminalizing drug use. There will be more to follow on that point eventually. Amazon Review A Must Read For All Interested In The Debate On Decriminalization…

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What Have Undercover Cops and Truck Drivers in Common?

You, the reader, might well say, “Okay, what do undercover cops and truck drivers have in common?” I am so pleased you asked me that because I am about to tell you the answer. According to the College of Policing in Bramshill, England, they are both subject to the European Union Working Time Directive. This is a piece of EU law that became incorporated into the laws of England and Wales. It is intended to protect workers from working too long a shift. In turn, that protects them from becoming overly fatigued. In a factory, or driving a 44 tonne truck, that is sensible. No one wishes to see a factory worker mutilated by a machine. No one wishes to experience a driver of a…

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Undercover Cops Forbidden to Use Drugs!

I know a thing or two about undercover cops. The story ‘Undercover police rulebook to be published for the first time’ was published today on the BBC website. I read it with interest. As regular readers, you will be aware of the impending publication of my own book – Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. I found that the guidelines had been devised by the College of Policing. It was known as the Bramshill Police College in my day. That worried me. From my own experiences, I find that these people are academics. There is a place for academics but it’s not out on the street infiltrating one of the largest (at the time) drugs gangs in the world. What particularly worried me after…

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