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Massive Bonus Deal: Migrate From Your Web Host The Easy Way

Deal Now Extended Until September 11 It comes as no secret to regular readers that I am a huge fan of Siteground and use their web hosting for all five of my websites. They are lovely people and their customer service is unparalleled by anyone in that industry. They have just announced a new massive bonus deal to help you migrate from your current web host effortlessly. The best “salesman” has always been “word of mouth” recommendation. I swear that if you take advantage of this offer you will thank me for telling you all about it. From September 1st till September 8th all new clients will be able to claim a free website migration, free domain transfer and a compensation of up to 6…


Why Siteground? 3 Great Reasons – #2 Awesome Speed!

Why Siteground? Over the next three days I will explain why Siteground web hosting are without equal. There are 3 major reasons why I recommend Siteground as a web host. The following is the second reason and one that is so important for all site owners and bloggers  – speed! My page loading times have increased dramatically since I ditched my last web hosting provider. No more 404s either! They have a SuperCacher system built right in to your cPanel and it is so  easy to enable and use. Your site may have fantastic content but visitors will leave before viewing it if your page loads too slowly or not at all! They are beyond amazing in their support. You can call them, email them…

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Why Siteground? 3 Great Reasons – #1 Awesome Support!

Why Siteground? Over the next three days I will explain why Siteground are without equal for web hosting. There are 3 major reasons why I recommend Siteground as a web host. The following is the first reason and one that is so important to me – support! I could never contact my last host – GoDaddy. The two support numbers just rang and rang and … rang! Eventually I had to go through Google chat and call a US toll free number. It took me hours to figure that out. Siteground are beyond amazing in their support. You can call them, email them or use the impressive Live Chat system. Take my word for it and try Siteground for yourself. Click here! Disclosure: I am…

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SiteGround Web Hosting – End of Term Report

Not quite end of term report but I need to let you all know how it’s going with my new web hosting people,  SiteGround.  And, I choose to use ‘people’ deliberately. To purchase click here if you already know how good they are 🙂 SiteGround – The People It is the people at SiteGround that make this company exceptional. Although I daresay that the technical aspects of the company are great too! I don’t know, as I wouldn’t recognize a server if it crashed down from the sky and poleaxed me! If that did happen then I wouldn’t recognize anything! But you know what I mean. It is the people that are the human interface of this company. They make things happen. And, if they don’t happen then…

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Web Hosting That Sucks!

I pull no punches in writing about a web hosting service that sucks! And, I mean truly sucks! That service (oxymoron) sounds like it is the opposite of ‘Come Mummy’ 🙂 I now have two active websites. This blog and my Stephen Bentley – Author site. A change of web hosting service was forced upon me recently. It was a case of friendship and business not mixing. I’m sure you have been there too!  A former ‘friend’ is a re-seller of hosting. I was with his service for some 8 months before he gave me an ultimatum to find another hosting package. As he only gave me a week before he pulled the plug, I went to ‘Come Mummy.’ What a nightmare! 404 messages constantly – a…


Why You May Miss Me

Miss me? I hope you do, at least, a little. Don’t worry if you are the worrying kind, I’m fine. It’s just that the blog may not be as active as usual for a couple of reasons. One, I’m changing hosting provider and that may result in some downtime but hopefully, it won’t be for long. Secondly, I’m so damn busy! Like all of us, I have to prioritise and unfortunately something has got to give. The thing that comes lowest on my list of priorities is this blog. Shock! Horror! It’s not that I don’t like chatting to and engaging with all you folks out there – I do enjoy it – but somethings pay the bills and this blog doesn’t fall into that category.…

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