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My Take on Stephen King’s “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes”

What follows is an article about Stephen King  I stumbled across yesterday. I find the content fascinating. I’m not a big fan of Stephen King but he sure has sold a hell of a lot of books. I have even bought one in the past but for the life of me I can’t recall which one. I neither like or dislike him. But when he talks, I listen. I’m trying to find my way as a writer and anything that helps me (a) write and (b) sell a few books has got to be grabbed with both hands. The article was on the Aerogramme Studio website, a writer’s studio full of news and resources for writers. They reproduced the original article in its entirety. I am following…



The soul can mean many things. The word has connotations with music, for example. We have heard of soul food, soulmate, the life and soul of the party. In my writing, I strive to connect with my soul, an inner force. I feel that my best words derive from true feelings, a passion, my innermost convictions and beliefs. This connection cannot be switched on and off like a TV set. Nor is it easy to surf different channels with the remote until I find the “soul” channel. Rachel Toor recently wrote – “How do you help someone learn to write with “soul”? What does that even mean? What does it look like on the page? Pascal said, “When we see a natural style, we are astonished…


9 “Smart” Words and Phrases That You’re Mispronouncing

9 “Smart” Words and Phrases That You’re Mispronouncing Mispronouncing or misusing smart words and phrases is something that most have us have been guilty of. Some realize that they are doing it; others carry on regardless! It can be funny in the right context. I recall one time when a detective in a surveillance briefing called the travelers at the train station computers when he meant to say commuters. The intention is to appear sharp, and intelligent. In many situations, this misuse is not important. If you are a writer, an author or simply writing a resume or a job application letter, then it is important.  You * Your reader is likely to be uninterested in what you write if it is full of mistakes. Your writing…

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