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How To Write A Novel In 17 Killer Steps

This post first appeared on my author website. Many of you are writers and some bloggers – if there is a difference? Some of you will have no intention of writing a novel but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the powerful writing tool called ProWritingAid. Read more to find out all about it. Writing a novel is not easy. If you are a writer of fiction then you probably fall into one of two broad categories – a plotter or pantster. If you are definitely in the second category then read no further. There is an excellent new eBook available that shows even the novice how to write a novel in 17 killer steps. How to write a novel in 17 killer steps The beauty…

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9 “Smart” Words and Phrases That You’re Mispronouncing

9 “Smart” Words and Phrases That You’re Mispronouncing Mispronouncing or misusing smart words and phrases is something that most have us have been guilty of. Some realize that they are doing it; others carry on regardless! It can be funny in the right context. I recall one time when a detective in a surveillance briefing called the travelers at the train station computers when he meant to say commuters. The intention is to appear sharp, and intelligent. In many situations, this misuse is not important. If you are a writer, an author or simply writing a resume or a job application letter, then it is important.  You * Your reader is likely to be uninterested in what you write if it is full of mistakes. Your writing…

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