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Blog or Author Website?

The question in the title (blog or author website?) may seem a little cryptic to some.

Most people understand what a blog is. It can be many things – a personal diary or orientated toward fashion, music, photography or a million and one other things.

Some pose as blogs but are trying to sell you something. That’s fine as long as it’s all transparent (but many aren’t). Yes, I have affiliate links on my blog but that’s not trying to sell you something. It’s a gentle nudge that if you are in the market for the products and services that I endorse, then use my links as I may as well receive the small commission rather than someone else.

That is one of the reasons I have launched my Stephen Bentley – Author website. I am trying to sell my books. That’s fine too and not only because it’s transparent. A writer who writes books is only paid if the book is bought by folks who read it.


Of course, there will be future posts here about my books especially if there’s anything exciting to say. But, I didn’t want to turn this blog into a “sales office” for my books. There is a vast difference between an ‘author website’ and a blog. Some authors, including some well-known people, use their sites to sell and as a blog. Not for me. I would prefer to separate the two things.

If a reader or potential reader wants to know more about an author and details of his/her books then it should be easy to find the information. The problem with a blog like this is that a sales page for the books tends to get lost in the countless posts that accumulate over a period of time. It’s like going to your local supermarket and finding they have switched the cereals aisle to another area. It’s annoying and frustrating.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of my author site is for readers to quickly find what they seek. There will be links to the outlets and bookstores where they can purchase my books. They are happy and so am I.

Hopefully, some of my readers will come here and enjoy the occasional read of the wanderings of my mind. None of this means that any of you will be kept in the dark about developments with any of my books. You, my loyal friends, will always be treated right. Conversely, I hope some of you will take a look at the new website because it’s kind of lonely there right now until my fame spreads 🙂 While you are there please say Hi! And, if you feel like sharing while there please do. It will feel like a hug 🙂

The author website has a deliberate minimalistic feel to it. It is designed to convey essential information. Initially, I have included sample chapters of both books that are pending publication. I also included a synopsis of my memoir Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover so you may want to pop over and take a peep. It may persuade you to buy it!

A more condensed version is also available to read on this blog.

Take care, my friends and have a very good weekend (well, it is Friday tomorrow).

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