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Lego Undercover Cop

Lego Undercover Cop – Beware!

This story  about Lego undercover cops on UPI amused me. I suppose mainly because of the image of the  Lego undercover cop!

Lego undercover

This is what they had to say about the incident:

An Oregon man was taken into police custody after agreeing to sell stolen Legos to an undercover officer in a sting operation.

Pavel Illich Kuzik, 25, was arrested while driving a stolen car and booked on multiple outstanding warrants according to a press release by the Portland Police Bureau.

Kuzik was suspected of stealing expensive Lego sets from Fred Meyer superstore locations and selling them at discounted prices on online marketplace

Police and Fred Meyer Loss Prevention began investigating Kuzik in February 2016 before he was arrested on March 3. The investigation is ongoing and further charges are expected in the case.

The Portland Police Bureau advised consumers to be wary of third party sellers, noting that new items sold at a discount may be stolen and difficult to trace.

But there is a serious side to this story. Did you know that in many jurisdictions in the world that you have no legal title to stolen goods that you may have bought in good faith?

You could buy an item costing hundreds of dollars not knowing that it was stolen. If the police identify it as stolen property and seize it from you as evidence, then you have lost both your money and the item!

That is a good reason in my book to buy from reputable sources.

Returning to a lighter note – during my undercover days on Operation Julie there were times when I was completely ‘out of it’! Non compos mentis!

But, I never saw myself as a Lego undercover cop …

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  1. Johnbo Johnbo

    Sounds like you’ve hit on a good concept for a new book. The Case of the Lego Larsonist. 🙂

    • LOL 🙂 That was funnee! It’s also a play on words as larceny is an old word used in England meaning theft or stealing. So it could be the Lego Larsonist or the Lego Larcenist 🙂

  2. Jerry Jerry

    I understand the Lego Undercover cop had ‘plastic’ surgery to protect his real indentity 🙂

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