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Massive Bonus Deal: Migrate From Your Web Host The Easy Way

Deal Now Extended Until September 11 It comes as no secret to regular readers that I am a huge fan of Siteground and use their web hosting for all five of my websites. They are lovely people and their customer service is unparalleled by anyone in that industry. They have just announced a new massive bonus deal to help you migrate from your current web host effortlessly. The best “salesman” has always been “word of mouth” recommendation. I swear that if you take advantage of this offer you will thank me for telling you all about it. From September 1st till September 8th all new clients will be able to claim a free website migration, free domain transfer and a compensation of up to 6…


SiteGround Web Hosting – End of Term Report

Not quite end of term report but I need to let you all know how it’s going with my new web hosting people,  SiteGround.  And, I choose to use ‘people’ deliberately. To purchase click here if you already know how good they are 🙂 SiteGround – The People It is the people at SiteGround that make this company exceptional. Although I daresay that the technical aspects of the company are great too! I don’t know, as I wouldn’t recognize a server if it crashed down from the sky and poleaxed me! If that did happen then I wouldn’t recognize anything! But you know what I mean. It is the people that are the human interface of this company. They make things happen. And, if they don’t happen then…

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