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Crossing The Whitewash by Nick Rippington: Book Review

Perhaps it is not surprising, given my background as both a former undercover cop and barrister (trial attorney for my American friends), that my taste in  reading books leans towards crime fiction and true crime. Nick Rippington is the author of Crossing The Whitewash, a UK gangland thriller.

The author interview with Nick recently appeared both here and on my author website. This is my review of his marvelous novel as left on both Goodreads and Amazon.

Crossing The Whitewash: A UK gangland thriller (Boxer Boys Book 1)Crossing The Whitewash: A UK gangland thriller by Nick Rippington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cracking read! This is an author to watch. For a first novel it is quite a challenge to achieve all the right ingredients but Nick Rippington did it for me. The characters came alive on the page through his artful development of each character as the story unfolds. Some of them were scary, some likeable but they were all believable and no doubt would remind many readers of real-life people they have met.

One of the interesting things about the book was the unusual mingling of the football and rugby backdrops. It worked a treat. The author’s life experiences were certainly visible throughout with Gareth’s reporter character set in a provincial newspaper and I assume the authenticity of the ‘Hammers’ and East End background can be attributed to the author’s time spent working in Wapping.

Despite the violent start to the book and other moments of gangland violence, it had many humorous moments too. I fell about laughing at some of them. Besides humour and violence, there was also pathos and some heart-tugging moments.

As a first novel the pacing was excellent after a sluggish start. That may seem a little strange to readers of this book owing to the early introduction of the psychopathic Arnie. But, the first chapter didn’t quite draw me in. Yet, I am so pleased I read it through to the last page. After that start I simply could not put it down.

A thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended book.

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AN act of violence brought them together… now an act of violence has driven them apart.

Football prodigy Gary Marshall and troubled teen Arnie Dolan are inseparable. As members of the notorious Boxer Boys they tackle challenges head on, both out on the streets and closer to home.

Then a rival football fan dies after a match, and their lives change forever.

Now Arnie wants a reunion. He needs answers, and has a shattering secret to impart.

But where is Gary? And why is he so desperate not to be found?

“Evocative, original, unfailingly precise and often humorous. Arnold is terrifying” -Writer’s Digest Ebook award judges


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