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Word Wednesday Fun: Bizarre

Bizarre is a word that is often not associated with fun, and of course, fun is an integral part of the #WordWednesdayFun series.

I was recently accused of behaving bizarrely and that wasn’t funny particularly as it was applied to me by someone I believed was a friend. I suppose if disagreeing with an accusation then trying to explain on three occasions; then walking off as a result of a complete failure to listen to my explanation, nay, a total failure to hear me out is bizarre, then so be it!  My conscience is clear.

Once more folks I follow the usual pattern with the Merriam-Webster definition first then the Urban Dictionary. I wonder if that will be bizarre?
adjective bi·zarre \bə-ˈzär\
Simple Definition
Popularity: Top 30% of words
: very unusual or strange

Full Definition
: strikingly out of the ordinary: as
a : odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode
b : involving sensational contrasts or incongruities
bi·zarre·ly adverb
bi·zarre·ness noun

French, from Italian bizzarro

First Known Use: circa 1648
absurd, fantastic, crazy, fanciful, foolish, insane, nonsensical, preposterous, unreal, wild

The Urban Dictionary entry is indeed bizarre!

fat rapper in the group d-12 and source of some of the most ridiculous, disgusting, and most piss-yourself-laughing raps of all time.
long live bizarre! If one is not free to rap about shooting preachers, getting dogs pregnant and jacking off with barbed wire, then the terrorists have already won…
by maks May 21, 2004

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  1. Jerry Jerry

    Barbed wire, hmmmm, how bizarre I missed that one – maybe Take A Walk On The Wild Side . . . Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

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