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Blogger Recognition Award

I received a pleasant surprise when I opened up my emails this morning. My good friend Carol had nominated my blog for a “Blogger Recognition Award.” It must be said now that I have read and understood the rules that it strikes me as being a blogger version of the chain letter. Having said that, I do appreciate there is value in linking to other blogs and so I corrected my ‘attitude’ and thought why not? And I can’t be anti-social all my life!

I regard Carol as a good friend although I have only known her for a short time. We have never met in person, maybe one day 🙂 Our paths crossed during the WordPress Blogging 201 Course. I really enjoy the passion in her writing. You can find Carol here at Writeful Mind – that’s Rule # 1 completed!

These are the four rules for acceptance of the nomination:

  • Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  • Tell how your blog got started
  • Give advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate 15 bloggers and their blogs for the award

Rule # 2

How did this blog start? Okay it’s like this. I retired from my “normal” working life in the UK in 2013. For all kinds of various reasons, it was time for me to live in another warmer climate and experience a different culture. I initially tried Thailand but it didn’t work out for me there (material for a book) and I have now settled in the Philippines enjoying life to the full.

I have a stable and loving home life once more and started to think about writing. I started this blog to develop a writing style and also because I felt I had some things worthy and interesting enough to write about. I think you will understand that more when you check out my varied and interesting former career/jobs.

Rule # 3


  • Write about what you know and care about. Do it often and publish it. Practice makes perfect!
  • Join blogging groups on Facebook. Read and learn! But take some of the stuff you see there with a ton of salt.
  • If you are serious about improving your writing skills find a site like this one. I personally recommend it.
  • To improve your blogging skills join the next Blogging Course run by  Blogging University on WordPress.
  • Get to know the functions of your web site. But keep it simple. Do not get sucked into too many plug-ins that (a) you don’t need and (b) slow down your site’s performance. Don’t worry about SEO at first.
  • Don’t pay for anything you can get for free! There are many free aids to help you establish a good site and I suggest starting out with a free WP site hosted by them.
  • Don’t start blogging solely to earn money! It takes a long time to build up a blog following and drive people to your site

This is the most difficult part as I deliberately limit my blog followings to a handful owing to my desire to manage my own time effectively (#amwriting) – Here goes:

Rule # 4

My nominees are:


Enjoy the read! See you all soon.





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