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Book Review: Jack Kregas – ‘It’s All About Me and a few others’

As a writer, I also read books. I find it difficult to read as many as I would like but make the effort. From time to time I will post a book review here and the first is Jack Kregas and his ‘It’s All About Me and a few others.’

The review also appears on Amazon and Goodreads.

Genre: Biographies/Memoirs


“An Honest Account of a Hedonistic Life”

It's All About Me and a few others: A life of hedonistic pursuits or squandered opportunitiesIt’s All About Me and a few others: A life of hedonistic pursuits or squandered opportunities by Jack Kregas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Five stars because I did love the book. It’s true to say it’s a book I wouldn’t normally read, but I’m glad I did. It’s an honest account of Jack’s life and what a life! Don’t expect a literary genius at work because Jack tells his tale his own way. Nevertheless, it makes for compelling reading. I especially enjoyed the episode sailing and diving in Tahiti. I found myself holding my breath under the water so vivid was his ability to tell the story. Jack makes things happen. I admire him for how he lived his life. Strange thing though how he failed to say that he loved Susie when dealing with the part when they decided to become married. I was waiting for that but it never came. Perhaps all will be revealed in the sequel? I finished the book thinking I wish I had met up with him when I was younger. It would have been a blast!

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Jack’s book is available on Amazon and here is the link:

You may wish to check out the author interview I did with Jack over on my author website.


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