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Hey Carol – Forgot the Sunday Roast?

My  blogging buddy Carol of Writeful Mind very recently wrote about the things she most missed about the UK.  She is a prolific writer, a Mom to two kids and a life coach to boot! Although a native of Nawlins (New Orleans) she lived for some years in the UK. After she had posted her list of things she missed most about the UK she kindly invited me to chuck in my two bob’s worth. You can read her full list by following the link above. I agree with every single one of them.

When I added my initial comment on Carol’s blog I suddenly realized I had forgotten one important thing. I hastened back and added a postscript to the effect that I missed the NHS. Carol agreed with me immediately.

Since then I also had images of other things that I most miss about back home. No – it’s not the weather 🙂

No doubt I will add to that list as and when I think about them but for now there are two stand out images in my mind and both are interwoven.

I miss my Tuesday evenings round at my sister’s home for three reasons. One, she is my sister and my only living sibling. Two, it was great to see her and drink a glass (OK a bottle) of red wine and say hello to her two gorgeous dogs Angel and Bonnie and three, she often cooked a great Sunday roast dinner for me although it was always on Tuesdays! Did you notice how I cheated? This is supposed to be a list of two images and I have slipped in three (four if you count the dogs as two) already and not even started on my second stand out image! If you follow all that can you please leave a comment at the foot of this post and explain it all to me 🙂 Anyone who really knows me will recognize my gist!

Bonnie and Angel
Bonnie and Angel

Food has always been a love of my life. I enjoy eating and love trying all kinds of different cuisines. I have also heard it said that I am not a bad cook! So the one food or to be more precise the one dish, that connects my Tuesday evening visits to my sister’s is a classic British Sunday roast dinner.

I do miss my Sunday roast!

For those of you not familiar with this classic British dish it consists of a roasted meat either beef, pork or lamb. Often it can be chicken or turkey but the latter is traditionally eaten at Christmas lunch.

Cauliflower Cheese
Cauliflower Cheese
Yorkshire Puddings
Yorkshire Puddings

It is the accompanying vegetables that make this meal so special for me. Roasted potatoes of course with a golden brown crispy skin and soft fluffy inner basted to perfection with the juices of the meat in the same roasting tin. Carrots, cabbage, broccoli and peas are popular sides as are the winter vegetables such as parsnips. And I must not forget the Yorkshire Pudding! Everything covered in a rich gravy sauce. My personal favorite and  creme de la creme of accompaniments has to be cauliflower cheese. Wow! So tasty.

I do miss Tuesday nights with my sister and my classic roast British dinner!

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  1. Carol Carol

    Now I’m hungry! I forgot about Yorkshire puds and think that I need to get a pan so I can make those here. And roasties!

    Thanks for writing this. Watch my blog for an associated post. 😉

  2. anne hodder anne hodder

    Thankyou for the mention I DO so MISS Tuesdays with you big bro and once again very well written I will try and smuggle 4 roast dinners with me on my visit visit next month for you zab and the boys LOl xx

  3. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence

    I’ll be sending this post to a friend of mine who likes Yorkshire Pudding; I’ve never been satisfied with the versions I’ve had, but these look positively scrumptious.

    • To tell you the truth Adam I reckon most people in the UK use a ready made frozen Yorkshire pud these days – Aunt Bessie’s – they take the hit and miss out of making them from scratch with the batter mixture and they taste delicious 🙂 Must have gravy though – my preference is for onion gravy!

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