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Newish Look, New Era, New News

Some of you may have noticed earlier today you were redirected to my author website as this blog was under temporay maintenance. The end result is a slightly newish look.

I was trying out a new theme to refresh the look of the site but it didn’t quite look right so back to the old theme but with a different header image. This time showing a scene from the Philippines. A new theme will arrive soon but when, I could not say with any certainty.

Anyway the news and the new era is ushered in by announcing the winner of the last and final competition to win my new book:

Tralla .. the winner is Tony Bushell! Congrats Tony! And thanks for being a loyal follower of this blog and my books.

A signed paperback of Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story will be on its way to you as well as the $50 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Tony’s winning entry was as follows:

1. London Metropolitan University
2. To remind you of Law, University and Books
3. HMS Prince of Wales
Question Two.
Eye for detail, understanding personalities, patience, due diligence, not ask too many questions and possess acting skills.
They were the correct and only correct answers to the questions I posed:
  1. I will publish 3 questions about this blog. You need to answer all 3 questions correctly in order to have a chance of winning. The 3 questions were the name of the university I graduated from, what 3 things did the old blog header image remind me of and the name of my grandfather’s ship sunk by the Japanese in 1941.
  2. You will be asked to submit, in no more than 20 words, what qualities it takes to be an undercover detective.

I once again ask all winners Tony, Carol and John to remain patient receiving the books. They take a long time to be shipped here to the Philippines for signing by me before I ship them to all three winners. The Amazon gift vouchers will be arranged for the same time as shipping of the book.

The recent initiative to hold fresh competitions has fallen flat with only one person expressing any real interest. I’m not offended. We are all busy people and it gives me one less thing to organize 🙂

However, I do ask you to come forward any time with submissions as blog articles. They are always welcome.

Hasta la vista!




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