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9 Eye-Opening Facts About Getting Older For Young People

Many blog posts are prompted by the writer’s own experiences. I’m no different and there is a reason why I chose to write about the ‘9 Eye-Opening Facts About Getting Older …’ aimed at young people.

There is a part of my most recent book in which I describe bumping into a man I hadn’t seen for many years. It happened in London in about 2010; we both knew each other well from forty plus years previously from my Liverpool days.

I walked by and thought ‘That looks like Kevin Dooley. Nah! it can’t be. He looks old.’

Stopping in my tracks, I turned and yelled “Kevin!” He turned around, for it was indeed Kevin.

Fact #1

Inside your head you remain the same person you were when you were say thirty. The body ages and deteriorates but the mind stays intact and should improve, like a good wine, with old age.

Fact #2

As you get older, you cease to worry about the things that worried you in your twenties, thirties and forties. You realize that the rat race is just that and it’s OK to step off the treadmill.

Fact #3

Fashion is largely a concept used by marketeers to delude you into thinking that the product, widget, clothes, handbag, hairstyle or ‘what-have-you’ are vital to your standing in society.

Fact #4

Closely linked to the previous fact is the universal truth that some values are not subject to fashion. Values such as honesty, caring and ‘being yourself’ no matter what others think.

Fact #5

Older people are still interested in sex. It may take on a different form owing to the older body’s gymnastic limitations. And remember, the older person is still young in mind so an old man who admires an attractive young woman is not necessarily a “dirty old man.” An older woman who admires a younger man’s body is not necessarily a “COUGAR.”

Fact #6

As you become older you invariably become less judgmental and more tolerant [See #5]. Try to practice these virtues when you are young.

Fact #7

Many old people are lonely and have lost loved ones. If they live alone, go visit them and bring some joy into their lives. Then hope that someone does the same for you when you are old.

Fact #8

Many older people have led fascinating lives. They have stories to tell, so listen. Do not regret failing to ask questions of the older generations. Once they are gone, so have the eye-witnesses to history.

Fact #9

Many older people have rich life experiences because there was no Facebook or social media “back in the day.” So:

Breathe Some Fresh Air.

Do Something Crazy (But Show Respect)

Laugh and Make Others Laugh.

Stop Making Mark Zuckerberg Even Richer Than He Is Now.

If You Must Read (And I suggest you should) Get Off Facebook and Read Something To Improve Your Mind.

Stop Reading This and Enjoy Life!

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  1. G G

    I have a soon to be 18 yo daughter that reminds me that I am of the ‘older generation’ and ergo what life experiences I had are not applicable today. She is preparing for uni and I made the suggestion (how dare I!) that maybe she might want to explore other options. She was quick to fire back with: ‘Dad, don’t be telling me what to do. I know several people that have finished their first year at uni and they tell me it’s the best time of their lives. Besides, uni is different now from when you went 40 years ago.” LOL spoken like a true teenager. I then asked her what she wanted to major in: ‘I don’t know, I’ll figure that out when I get to uni. She has all the answers just not the questions. But, then I did too at her age.
    I’d add FACT #10 Don’t attempt to give advice to the young unless it’s asked for. Then be prepared to know it was the wrong advice, no matter how sound your advice is.

    • Great insight! All the well-used cliches spring to mind such as “the folly of youth” and “youth is wasted on the young.” 🙂 As you say, we were the same and had all the answers whether or not we had the right questions. FWIW (nothing to your daughter) I have for many years advocated uni should be delayed until later. Discover the world first, develop your personality, learn true values. They make an older student work harder and smarter!
      I could add Fact #11 and ad infinitum but what do I know 🙂

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