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Strange World

Strange World? There’s Nowt Queerer than Folk

A strange world is encapsulated within that northern English saying in the heading just above. I can’t help concluding that it is a strange world we now inhabit. In the past few days the stories about Miss Universe and Star Wars have gone totally apeshit viral across the “connected universe.”

At the same time I published a heart-breaking story about a mother’s wish to track down the man who had a vision in which he saw the mother’s murdered son. I asked people to read it and SHARE on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media they could possibly think of.

I had one person share the link from this page. [my Facebook Writer Page] Not one of my friends shared it from my private personal Facebook page. Only one person shared it from a Facebook blog group that I belong to. Another blog group declined to post it as it contravened the group rules!

I understand now. Miss Universe and Star Wars are of the utmost importance in the realms of improving the human condition!

‘Tis been a strange week! I also had a request to delete a post from my blog from the very same children’s home that I was trying to help!

God works in mysterious ways!

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  1. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence

    Nah, Steve. Those things you mention (Miss U and Star Whores) are more palatable: that’s why they’re shared and “liked.”

    • That confirms it. The world has gone mad! It’s a depressing world we now live in. What I find particularly ironic is that the same folks who “Like” and “Share” the crap are the same as those who share the stuff about not making celebs famous! I sometimes feel I am in the minority of sane people left – maybe that is the first sign of madness?

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