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Red or Blue? Confession Time

Red and Blue – Only Colors Right?

Red or Blue? What does it mean to you? Those two colors mean a lot to me.

I got to thinking about the color blue earlier today, and it set my train of thought rushing along the tracks, whistle-a-blowing, steam wildly escaping and pistons clanging.

The confession is nothing to do with the “blues” or depression. I have suffered bouts of that affliction in my life and believe I have finally vanquished the black dog.

The “fessing” up is to do with my football team, Liverpool Football Club.  They play in red. Bill Shankly made them play in an all red strip in the belief it made the players look bigger and stronger.

Our city neighbors, Everton, play in blue. Royal blue to be exact.

My parents were not from Liverpool. My Dad was a Liverpool City policeman and joined that force shortly after WW2. I wasn’t born then but when I was one-year-old I was moved to Huyton, Liverpool. I didn’t have any choice in the matter. I lived there with my Mum and Dad for the next twenty years or so.

Peter, my brother, and Anne, my sister were both born in Merseyside.  This background is a necessary prelude to the tale, for when I was seven and Peter was five, we were faced with a life-changing decision. We were both football mad and wanted a football kit for Christmas.

Dad asked “Red for Liverpool or blue for Everton?”

We brothers gave different answers.

Dad wasn’t having any of that and insisted it was one or the other so as not to split family allegiances.  I was sure until today that I had insisted on red and Peter has reluctantly agreed. It was red, and that’s how we became Liverpool FC fans. As some of you know, my brother died suddenly in 2003. Even at his funeral in Toronto, I told this tale publicly as to how we became Liverpool fans.

Scene of the Damascene Conversion

Earlier today I was resting in my usual place, the roof terrace at home,  and profound in thought. I was wearing royal blue basketball shorts and a pale blue tee. My thought pattern was broken when I saw the blue of my shorts.

The truth is I have always liked blue in my clothes, blue tees, blue jeans, blue formal shirts and so on. Some women, and not only my Mum, have said how suited I am to the color blue.

Blue clothes make me feel comfortable, attractive and I feel like me!

It’s true. I dislike red shirts, red tees and have never bought a red Liverpool FC shirt! Black, white Liverpool shirts, yes! Always the away strip, never the red home shirt!

So, the truth hit me like the runaway train of thought in my head; I had been living a lie all those years! I must have been a Liverpool fan because of Peter! Thank you, bro – for a wise choice 🙂

This sudden onset of clarity of thought explained a few other things too. It made it clear why I like –

  • Blues music
  • Rhythm and Blues music
  • The Blues Brothers
  • Blue skies
  • Blue ocean
  • Blueberries
  • Blue Bayou
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Misty Blue
  • Blue Steel (movie)
  • The Thin Blue Line (movie)
  • Hill Street Blues (TV)
  • Good things that appear out of the blue

I could go on and on!

What about your favorite color? Does it signify any life event for you?


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  1. Jerry Jerry

    Hi Steve

    My love affair with colors began with Blue, also. Mine was seeing our local policeman in his blue uniform and then my uncle in his blue US Air Force uniform. Never made it to being a policeman, but did get the pleasure of wearing blue Air Force uniform.

    My favorite blues/jazz singe Leon Redbone retired from it all in May last year which left me blue.

    Group I love – Moody Blues.

    People would tell you my favorite color is black because all my clothes are, but that’s because I travel a great deal.

    I have to leave blue behind when it comes to my dream car – 1964 Yellow Jag XKE convertible with red leather interior.

  2. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence

    Great piece. I like the free association here!

    As far as blue goes, I would have to say: ICE, or at least the white-blue tint of ice on a lake or river. But the most memorable kind of blue like this is a massive iceberg I once saw in Newfoundland; it was about the size of a house, but curved and fluted in such a way that it might have been an alien space craft. And blue, breathtakingly blue.

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