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Sharing Really Caring? Please Help Me

Is sharing really caring? It’s true – sharing really is caring. And I need YOU to share – hear me out.

First off, let me say a massive thank you to all who do share my info, posts, articles etc. on social media. It is truly appreciated and I know who you are 🙂

I don’t ask for people to share because I am some kind of conceited person who thinks he is the best thing since … No. I do it because I enjoy writing and think that some of it deserves a wider audience.

Take my latest book for example – Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story – I am on a push at the moment to create a buzz about it. Not because it is the best literary work since Bill Shakespeare but because it is a story worth reading.

Your help is sought for another reason. I am an independent self-published author. I have no secretary, PR or any other kind of agent. I am every department of my organization. The more help I receive, the more time I can devote to finishing my next book, and the one after that.

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Is Sharing Really Caring?

“Hey! ” I hear you shout, “You just said you aren’t conceited.”

I’m not. I am thrilled that people who know a good book have reviewed it in such glowing terms. I am humbled. I am also grateful to a fellow author who recently told me there is a lot of interest in the book. Wow!

My writing is never going to make me rich or famous. I don’t want either of them anyway. Yet, it is nice to be recognized.

Here is what I am asking you to do. Finish reading this article then share it with as many friends and colleagues as you know. Share it on all your social media because sharing really is caring!

Furthermore, ask those people to share it again. Snowball effect, right? Ten x ten x ten x ten – I’m sure you understand that.

Some people are good social sharers. Nick Rippington springs to mind. He has been most generous in sharing my author interview article. Okay, it was about him too but he did it in such a way that it grabbed attention for both of us.

The other thing is about sharing is that it only takes a few moments of your time.

So, please read the reviews below. Maybe watch the book trailer video, click through to the News Hub article and SHARE please!

  • Read
  • Watch
  • Share
  • Ask your friends to do the same

Masterfully told by undercover officer Stephen Bentley, this isn’t a run of the mill sensationalist true crime book. Dive underneath the visible parts of the water and into the murky depths as you are pulled along through not just the operation but the aftermath, both personal and public. A must read for true crime lovers and historians alike. – Lily Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review
Advanced Review Copy supplied by the author in exchange for an honest review

Thank you Lily!

This unflinching memoir by Stephen Bentley opens up a world of drugs, crime, passion, and fear in a way that no other book has ever been able to do: because it’s true. It’s fascinating to wander through his life, as though perched on his shoulder, and it’s astounding to believe that the events that unfold actually happened. Bentley’s sympathetic and yet tough view on those that he met and the people that both helped and hindered him is gripping, and his narrative sweep can sometimes make you forget that this is fact, not fiction. As a lover of crime drama, it’s astonishing to see just what is correct and completely missguided when it comes to the outside world, and I look forward to reading more from Bentley – surely there is more to come? – E.M. 

Advanced Review Copy supplied by the author in exchange for an honest review

Thank you so much E.M. 🙂 There is more to come!

This is the link to the book trailer: Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story

You can view the book listing by clicking on these links at either UK Amazon or US Amazon. It is available now for pre-order in paperback and will be published on September 14, 2016.

My News Hub article about undercover policing is to be found here at this link.

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