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Sixth Sense: A Work in Progress

My work in progress (WIP) is a debut novel. The provisional title is Sixth Sense. It is unsurprisingly based on my undercover days. In fact, the first few thousand words are based on a true incident while I was undercover. The incident described is taken from my memoir with a few things changed to suit the novel format. If you read my memoir, you will see that I write about an alternative theory about two of the real-life characters in my book.

This novel is a fiction version of that alternative theory. The characters are fictional but based on real individuals, to a point. Then they develop  into creations of my own imagination, as do the plot and story line.

I am having fun with it and I hope you will enjoy the finished product.

Sharing this work in progress with you is no vanity trip. I am looking for feedback, both technical (if you are a  fiction writer) and reader feedback. What does the latter mean? Broadly speaking, do you like it? Do the characters work for you? Is it interesting? And, the ultimate question, would you buy the book when finished?

The video link below is also experimental. I shot it with my iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube. It does not pretend to be at all professional. It is me, my phone and my narration. I intend narrating more of the work in progress and uploading them to YT.

Please let me know your thoughts. Here is the video followed by the first paragraph in the draft manuscript:


Undercover cop Steve Regan trusted his partner Red with his life; and Red also knew how to drive – funny how good drivers have a sixth sense. Knowing he was safe with him, Regan took the chance to catch some much needed sleep before they met Bill. Little did Regan know how things would turn out. He had no idea that in just a few hours a cold-eyed mobster would threaten his life. Regan’s sixth sense did not see that coming.

If, like me, you are an aspiring novelist, I recommend a forum at It is chock full of invaluable resources and is a font of wisdom and experience. My first sentences of the above paragraph were rewritten after spending time in that forum.

Over the past few weeks I have been through a massive learning curve. I have found out about POVs (points of view) and the use of tense. I have learned how to outline a novel. I have learned so much. Any part of my WIP put in front of you is just that – a work in progress. It is far from the finished article.

My memoir Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is now available on both US Amazon and UK Amazon for pre-order in paperback only. The publication date is September 14, 2016. A Kindle release has yet to be finalized.

The ad below shows the link to the US Amazon listing. Click on this link if you are a UK Amazon customer.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Amazon. If you buy through using my links, you pay no extra.  I do receive a small commission for promoting my affiliated companies and products if my link is used to make a purchase.

I only promote products and/or services I use myself or have complete faith in them.

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