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WordPress: All I wanna do is write ……

All I wanna do is write ….. to paraphrase the words of a Sheryl Crow song.

WordPress (WP) is the platform I use, along with millions of others, to post my blogs here on this site. I require it to work when I need it to so I can concentrate on my writing. Not too much to ask is it?

I have a new friend here in Bacolod. We met for the first time only yesterday and ‘clicked’. He is a fellow ‘Northerner’ and ‘computer savvy’.

Most of today and part of yesterday was an experience in frustration at not being able to post on my WordPress blog.. When I clicked  ‘+New’  ‘Post’, I was taken to a page that was junk.

It was not the usual post editing page with the ‘visual editor’. Tired of trawling through the WordPress forums and guides I turned to my new friend.

The following is one of several  emails I sent to him earlier today.

After trawling the WP forums I diagnosed that it is a browser problem as it works OK in Opera but not in Chrome.

But……. remember what I said about there is a niche out there for someone to write a book on WP that is jargon free and easily understood by all.

Well to prove my point the diagnosis on the forum tells you how to fix it. You might say… all well and good… I say you must be fu$%ing joking!

First of all it says open wp-config.php. Right hahaha. Where the fu** is it?

A WP forum poster says this:

“You can not access it via your admin area, you need to ftp to your installation folder and it should be visible.”

He may as well be talking in Martian! ftp?? installation folder??

I’ll just post in Opera methinks hahaha!

Yes it is funny but also a serious valid point.

There is a real opportunity out there for one of you geeks to write the ultimate Beginners Guide To WordPress. Yes, I am aware that there is such a guide already. But have you read it? It is seriously incomprehensible!

Surely there is someone capable of communicating in plain English what us newbies really want to know.

Anything to say? Please click here


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